We develop innovative Embedded Systems.

Vehicle control with your smart phone

Expert in leading technologies – We have the knowledge needed to help you reach your goal

Developing in all fronts – It doesn't matter where your software is needed, only functionality is relevant

Professional hardware design – Without proper hardware software is just ones and zeroes

Customized and complete embedded solutions –
One partner with a full solution instead of ten vendors, hundred agreements and countless meetings?

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Android, Windows Phone, Linux, open source, Unix, iOS, Windows, C/C++, Python, Qt, HTML, QML, asm, .NET, Java, JavaScript etc.


There are many forms of co-operation between companies.

Welcome to Embelin!

Embelin produces efficient solutions to your problems and needs in the area of embedded systems, information technology and data management. All in one package or the best possible combination, whatever is needed. We have gathered our knowledge and competence both doing different kinds of contract assignments with other high tech companies and designing our own products.

Our own technology, methology and design processes are kept in prime condition by following the latest research results, publications and literature. We have our hands on in the latest technical solutions. We aim to produce our end user solutions with the most efficient combination from the good and familiar as well as from the newest innovations.


30  /  10  /  2018